Top 5 tips for planning your dream Bulgarian holiday


If you have always wanted to go on a dream holiday to Bulgaria, now is the time. The country offers a bit for everyone, so whether you are a history buff or someone who wishes to explore the seaside, Bulgaria will readily accommodate.



One of the most notable mistakes you can make and possibly ruin your holiday is get bogged down in too many details. Sure, there are some things you need to plan for, but it is being organised that will help you. Here are a few tips on planning for the best holiday time you can wish for:



  • Find your preferred travel location – it all starts with a single question: where would you like to go? Yes, it is a simple question, though the answer offers numerous options. Bulgaria has plenty of small towns and major resorts, all of which will contribute to your memorable holiday. Nail down a specific location, based on your preference. Are you after the seaside vibes, or maybe you want to get in touch with nature on some of the mountain towns? Perhaps you want to check out the major cities of the country, such as Sofia or Plovdiv. Whatever the case may be, make sure you factor in the time of year and the weather. Sometimes it is worth delaying plans if the weather is not on your side.
  • Research the cost according to your budget – you know where you want to go and for how long, but to do that you will need money. There is no doubt that Bulgaria is much more affordable than other countries, but it is not free. A stay in a luxury hotel will not come cheap, and neither will eating out every single day. Work out a budget that covers for your stay, food and any activities.
  • Find the right accommodation – the type of trip dictates what accommodation you will find. Try to look for a place to stay near the area you are visiting. Make sure there is public transport available, as that will help you cut costs and get around the place easily.
  • An itinerary is a must – it may be tough to know what you are going to do, but it is a question you need to answer. Based on the number of sights/attractions/activities you want to check out, you may want to plan your stay as best as possible. Yet, knowing how many activities and sights you are going to see can also help you budget properly.
  • Pack – packing for your dream holiday is important, just as it is important not to overpack. When going on a holiday, people are inclined to take more than they need. This could cost you if there are luggage weight restrictions. Keep in mind, you will likely buy souvenirs and other things. It is best to plan for the essentials only.

Now that you know how to plan your dream holiday in Bulgaria, you should get to it. There is zero doubt you will have a lovely time there.


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